lunes, 30 de octubre de 2006

Noise & Sleep Disturbance

"The primary sleep disturbance effects are: difficulty in falling asleep; awakenings; and alterations of sleep stages or depth, especially a reduction in the proportion of REM-sleep. Other primary physiological effects can also be induced by noise during sleep, including increased blood pressure; increased heart rate; increased finger pulse amplitude; vasoconstriction; changes in respiration; cardiac arrhythmia; and an increase in body movements."


"Exposure to night-time noise also induces secondary effects, or so-called after effects. These are effects that can be measured the day following the night-time exposure, while the individual is awake. The secondary effects include reduced perceived sleep quality; increased fatigue; depressed mood or well-being; and decreased performance."


"Long-term effects on psychosocial well-being have also been related to noise exposure during the night. Noise annoyance during the night-time increased the total noise annoyance expressed by people in the following 24 h. Various studies have also shown that people living in areas exposed to night-time noise have an increased use of sedatives or sleeping pills. Other frequently reported behavioural effects of night-time noise include closed bedroom windows and use of personal hearing protection."

Guidelines for Community Noise (World Health Organization)

Ya tengo preparada la denuncia que voy a llevar al Ayuntamiento por el bar. Un poco tarde, pero más vale tarde que nunca.

Tengo preparados un par de post más sobre ruido, porque leí una noticia muy interesante en el periódico y Juanma me dió una buena noticia el otro día. Ya os contaré.

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  1. Noise is like a peer-pressure child that is always with you. I miss armony in my life because we are beginning a noisily epoch. Maybe, our health is been damaged by this phenomenon but we've some civil rights, so you can call to a lawyer and fighting this war.


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